Campus Filla
Season 2
Episode 3

The moment I stepped into the room naa Emily stood up and started begging and saying all sort of things … I can’t just let this girl beg and that’s all so as she dey beg nor I walked out on her with some style bi😁me ankasa I don’t know where it came from. Ahn well I entered my room and slammed the door behind me( Gbam ) ..i had this alatsa speaker in my room that I could connect my phone to so I connected it and started playing some ( nasty_c ..strings and brings ) to cool my system and put me to bed secof I’ve been through a lot this days😫 as I dey come bed nu ,one of my hommies( popcaan)called my phone…swoosh!! Oh in addition to that he was a fine looking guy🧑🏼 but a born one😂😂🤣 I picked and we vibe saaa till I wasn’t sleepy anymore 😞…you know boys and themma Chaw talk .. Small time naa abi you know Kings and his konkosa life..oh yeah the boy come jaive we(Jeff and i) for der nor say Emily is about to commit suicide in some restaurant because everyone blames her for what happened to Peter Pan .so we all rushed to the location only to find Emily and Ange relaxed and eating pizza 🍕…ow💔Kings has done it again oo,kwerh I got angry like never before 😡 (branding purpose 😎) cause he made us look like fools running all the way from our hostel🏨 to the restaurant for nothing. Wait ooo ,the dramatic entrance alone blew our cover 😂😂so we had to just go and grab a seat and order as if that’s what and why we came.. so Kings ordered for some pizza and guess what he did again🤔 he went to invite Emily and Ange to dine with us😨ah..i wanted to stand up and leave the table for them but Jeff grabbed my arms and wrinkled at me so I sat back. The table was peaceful until Kings opened his mouth to ask me one foolish question (how was prison like) 😡ow💔 but this boy paa, so Jeff see say I dey come bore naa wey he faked the laugh and delivered it krakrakra then we all followed and laughed except for Emily who wasn’t feeling comfortable because I was facing and looking right into her eyes👁👁..then I told them a little bit of how I got abused and boom 💥 Emily’s tears started flowing like river volta😭😭 wey I Jay MA eye give them nor ring on phone📞📱..🙄who could it be
The number was unknown so I picked and asked how it was then blast Vida
Collins: how did you get my line
Vida : don’t ask me that question and tell me where you are
Collins: no, you first
Vida: am home and you
Collins: am out with my friends in some restaurant I mean the one near our school
Vida: ahn okay… can I join you guys
Collins: oh sure..thats if you can make it in time 🤔
So we got of the call and I was about to put my phone on the table when I heard a chair screech on the floor .lemme turn and see who else is joining the party nor boom💥 *VIDA*…….

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To be continued in the next episodes of Campus Fila🎭

Q1.What could be Vida’s intention looking for Collins
Q2. What could be the cause of Kings sudden change towards Emily 🤔

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