Campus Filla
Season 2
Episode 4
Ahn well, she has already joined the table so I had to make her officially known now that she is here. As I was about to start the introduction, she said oh please lemme do that myself 🙄..she was like am Vida nice to meet y’all except jeff🤔 And Collins, and am joining you guys 💪😁 for dinner 🍕. Wait, what Jeff?? How did you know him?🤔. He is my ex she replied with this kindda face😒, I didn’t see that coming at all. You know girls and their gossiping stuffs (Angie  and Emily started talking to each other in a hypocritical manner) .The whole table was quiet and peaceful until this Kings boy gbele ein mouth again😠😖. Why don’t we play a game?💪😁 Oh I love games Vida(poured petrol into the fire🔥)Ohk we don’t mind, Emily and Angie added fire wood. ohw 💔this boy will kill us oo..then Jeff asked what game could that be …he won’t even wait for Jeff to finish before he said it “TRUTH OR DARE”  .Herh,is this going to get any better or is just a bad day 😖ah..hmm. kwerh the girls dey gv some peculiar laugh for Der. So we started the game by listening to the rules from his Excellency him self ( Kings…the way he dey bore me ehn😡 I was just holding myself)

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Kings: (rules) don’t bail out
2.failure to answer or do the dare will cost you ghc50 and it’ll be paid to the one you lost let the dice🎲 roll😌😁 Charley, this boy paa..ano get control for my body ooo so it means say if I fuckup one time naa yawa go pai for my top (ohw 💔my branding )Herh if I get knife me ankasa I will stab him some 😒
Vida : I will start
Vida: hey,Kings truth or dare
Kings: dare
Vida: I dare you not to pick any call Starting from now
Kings: kk
Kings : yo, Peter truth or dare😈
Collins : (is it just me or he is really on me 😒ago slap am eehn ein body go cum😒)yes😁, truth
Kings : between Vida and your ex, who will you prefer
Collins : (ow💔, somebody get me 😡a knife laa Herh)hmm I’ll choose Vida
Jeff : my turn, Emily truth or dare
Emily : dare
Jeff : I dare you to slap Kings
Collins: yes 😁
Emily no waste time kroaa she go slap
Am kpao…wey the boy wan cry
Angie: is my turn now, Jeff truth or dare
Jeff : truth
Angie: who was the last person you had sex with
Ahaa secrets go kommot oo😁😏
Jeff : you (Ange )
Emily : what??😒
Collins : hey Vida truth or dare
Vida : dare
Collins : I dare you to sing nasty_c SMA
Vida: yes😁
Kwerh the girl turned the restaurant into stage oo every body started recording📲 gidigidi..and now she has called attention so every one got involved in a way but they were minding their own business
Kings: Jeff truth or dare
Jeff : truth
Kings : what causes the break up between you and Vida
( Kings has done it again)
Jeff: I don’t know 😒
Vida : liar
Kings : Charley take my money come😁
So as Vida had her turn then Boom 🔥
Emily’s ex walked into the restaurant with his guys


To be continued in the next episode of Campus fila🎭

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